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Kid Classic

899 Floss
876 Drought
895 Clover
902 Autumn Leaf
904 Late Summer Gr
871 Canard
901 Seed
888 Pumice
890 Cement
831 Smoke
892 Iron
828 Feather
898 Nude
866 Bitter Sweet
897 Lavender
903 Blue Hydrangea
896 Petrol
856 Tattoo
900 Periwinkle
847 Cherry Red
894 Mulberry
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An aran weight wool yarn, with a super-light feel, Kid Classic is as unique as it is popular, having been a favourite with Rowan knitters for many years. The beautiful blend of 70% lambswool, 22% kid mohair and 8% polyamide creates a lovely, soft yarn, which is perfect for cosy winter knits. Available in a refined colour palette of rich tones, this is a true all-rounder, which is as perfect for cabling as it is for plain knitting.